About My Cloud Reader

Once a well know writer Jane Austen said. “If a book is well written, I always find it too short.”

we at my cloud reader are on a mission to reach out such well written art and place it in front of you which could be accessed with just a click from any device that you have,

Our spark to create such a platform came from our country of origin, the pearl of the indian ocean, my beautiful sri lnaka. A country filled with not only natural beauty but immensely  talented writters and story tellers crafting unique and imaginative tales like no other which unfortunately are unknown by many and read by a small audience.

We gathered these talented writers with a promise to reach to you, showcase their talents and quench your thirst for new adventure of reading  and listening.

Yes , you read it right.

we want you to experience the true magic of  our novels and books  , where ever you are, on a commute , at a gym or even at work. You could listen to your favorites. My cloud reader  Audio books will take you to the world of books with your eyes closed.

We have a mountain full of books at your finger tips  as e- books and audio books.

We didn’t forget our paperback lovers  who are more attached to the feel and  appearance of a physical book right in front of you. We got you covered too.

Our mission at my cloud readers is for it to become a global service that carry an expansive offering of high quality reading to our readers.  

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