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  • Gratitude Prayer Journal


    Do you wish you had a closer relationship with GOD?
    Do you struggle to find the time to spend in daily prayer?
    Then THIS is the book for you!

    An Attitude of Gratitude is beneficial for your mental and physical health. This prayer journal guides you in Christian reflections as you face the challenges of each day.


    Gratitude Prompts
    Page for Prayer Requests
    Common Catholic Prayers
    Space for Writing your Gratitude for the Day and any other Intentions in your Heart
    A Daily Verse of Scripture that will help you Meditate
    Blank Pages for your Reflections at the end of Sunday Mass
    Ample Space to add Doodles or Stickers of your choice


    1. It opens the door to better relationships
    2. It improves your physical and mental health
    3. It enhances empathy and reduces aggression
    4. It improves self-esteem
    5. It helps you to sleep better!

    This journal is created by a busy working mom who understands the value of a few well-planned minutes before God. So, begin a closer walk with God with this brand new Gratitude Prayer Journal!

  • Islamic Inheritance Q&A

    This publication was initiated, based on many questions and answers that were discussed on real life Islamic Inheritance situations online.


    Based on the massive interest and responses received it was decided to publish all of the Q&A together with a brief understanding of the logic and methodology of Inheritance according to Islamic Law that is used to compute the shares of the heirs of a deceased.

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  • Raavana’s Daughter



    Mermaids, Demons, Gods…
    It is 8000 years B.C. Sita Devi, the wife of Lord Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya, has been abducted by the Demon King Raavana. Hanuman, the Ape hero, is tasked with building a bridge to facilitate the invasion of Lanka. The Ape army gathers on the Southern coast of India. The expedition is however brought to a halt by the workings of the Mer-People who inhabit the Indian Ocean.
    Follow Hanuman as he struggles to overcome their enchantments and complete his task. However, who is the mysterious Mer-Queen who lures him into her undersea lair? What part has she to play in this epic war? Is all fair in love and war?

    The Ramayana is a Hindu Epic as old and as famous as Homer’s Odyssey. However, it is not as well retold in Western Literature. This is a retelling of the Ramakien (the Thai version of the Hindu tale). If you are a lover of MYTHOLOGY, HISTORICAL FICTION, WORLD RELIGIONS OR FANTASY – then this is for YOU!

    ***Includes Places to Visit in Sri Lanka, linked to the Myth***

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